How Does a Himalayan Salt Lamp Clean The Air?

Almost everyone knows what a salt lamp is. Maybe you or someone you know owns a Himalayan salt lamp. You’ve probably seen one at the store or online somewhere. Most people that think of salt lamps, probably think of them as nice home decor for their home or office. But not too many people know that salt lamps may even have health benefits. 

Himalayan salt lamps are known to purify the air. So how is this possible? What the salt lamps do after they have been heated up, is they release negative ions. The negative ions go to work by attaching themselves to dust particles in your home or office. Once the dust particles get attached to these negative ions, they become heavy and fall down. After a while, the air becomes free of dust and debris. This will be a good time to dust, vaccuum, or sweep in whatever area your salt lamp is in. For best results, it is recommended to leave your salt lamp on 24/7 to allow the salt lamp time to heat up, and release all those negative ions. 

Salt Lamps Are Great For Romantic Evenings And Calming Your Mood. 

You just can’t deny the relaxing sensation a salt lamp can give you. They make you think of peace and prosperity. This is why they match well with massage rooms, or any room where balance and a relaxing ambience is needed. With their dim lighting, salt lamps are great to leave on when falling asleep or enjoying a romantic evening with that special someone. 

Salt lamps come in all sizes, but the most popular size is between 4-10 lbs. This is the standard size for most salt lamps you buy online or at the store. Halco Torpedo Candelabra bulbs are most popular when it comes to salt lamp bulbs, as they seem to last the longest, up to a year, depending on usage and the size of the fillament. 


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